An industry leader in the supply of transcription and recording services in Australia.

It is with our excellent reputation, experience and knowledge that Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd has a long and proud history in the provision of recording and transcription services. In short, we understand our business very well, and we believe the commitment we make to understand our client needs and provide the quality of transcript required within the nominated delivery times sets us aside from others in the industry.

Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned, financially stable and viable. We have sufficient scope, capability, experience, knowledge, and skill set required, to complete all recording and transcription services to the highest standard.

Our combined years of experience with staff give us collectively over 150 years of expertise in the transcription industry. Our key management and quality assurance personnel come from a variety of professional backgrounds and this enhances our ability to meet our clients' needs no matter what field they stem from. Legal Transcripts management and staff attend annual Court Technology Conferences throughout the world as we are highly committed to remaining up to date with technological developments relative to our field of expertise. This enables us to pass onto our clients any new relevant innovative advances in our industry. Legal Transcripts recognises the need to continually research advancements in technology to provide not only quality services but also value added as we understand the economic needs of our clients as well. We are highly committed to importing knowledge and utilising up to date information technology.

We are able to provide transcription on a same day, next day or standard turnaround basis to anywhere in Australia or overseas using the latest streaming technology. Legal Transcripts hosts its own web servers and utilises 256 bit encryption to ensure your audio and transcripts are completely safe to be transmitted over the internet. Our easy to use secure upload and download facility means you will no longer have to use FTP clients or install special software in order to send us sound or download your transcript. We are also able to provide our clients who wish us to provide regular transcription services, their own customised secure upload and download facility.

In keeping with advances in technology, Legal Transcripts now offer their customisable 'VauLT' portal to new and existing clients. This exciting new client focused product enables our clients to upload and download their audio and transcripts safely and securely from any computer with access to the internet. Utilising the latest SHA2 256-bit SSL encryption, Legal Transcripts’ S.O.D.A portals are completely private and allows our clients to make transactions with us from their home, work or mobile device. If you are interested in this feature please do not hestaite to contact us for further information. Legal Transcripts hosts and owns our web servers. This ensures that no data is held on another server outside our network. We believe this is an important security feature that is often overlooked by many companies and further emphasises Legal Transcripts’ commitment to the safety, integrity and security of our clients audio and transcription files.

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Dedicated to providing a quality service

Whether or not you are an individual looking to have something transcribed or recorded or a large law firm looking to outsource your transcription needs, Legal Transcripts is dedicated to providing you with class leading customer service and a high quality product that is trusted by many government agencies.

100% Australian owned and operated

Legal Transcripts is 100% Australian owned, financially stable and viable. We have sufficient scope, capability, experience, knowledge and skill set required, to complete all recording and transcription services to the highest standard.

Data security is a top priority

Legal Transcripts employs the very latest in technology to ensure your information is safe. All of our servers are hosted on our premises and our webservers utilise 256 bit SHA-2 encryption verified by Symantec to ensure all data is securely communicated.

Multi channel digital recording

When recording any audio. Legal Transcripts uses high quality microphones and mixers to ensure that every word spoken is digitally captured and crystal clear to maximise the accuracy of your audio when it is transcribed. All of our portable and static rigs use the same technology, this ensures that regardless of the environment, the audio is captured perfectly every time.

From courts to boardrooms

Legal Transcripts can provide quality digital recording and transcription for any legal jurisdiction in Australia, we can also provide the same quality service for AGM's, Tribunals, mediation hearings, depositions, records of interview, seminars, boardroom meetings, surveillance recordings, research groups or any type of event. Give us a call to discuss your needs on 1800 534 258.

We can convert any audio format

In this digital age there are a plethora of different audio formats that offer all sorts of benefits however converting these formats into a usable audio file can be a nightmare. Legal Transcripts is capable of converting any media format so you don't have to worry about converting it before sending it to us.

Simple, easy data transfers

We understand that in this day and age that time is precious and that courier costs aren't getting any cheaper, that is why Legal Transcripts offers a secure upload facility via the internet to expediate the process and reduce your costs. Unlike some other companies we do not use cloud servers, we own and host all of our servers to ensure there is no 'middle man' that could possibly be compromised and out of our control.

Your information is safe and secure

An increasing fear in this digital age is electronic theft and we take this fear very seriously. Aside from hosting and owning all of our servers, Legal Transcripts uses SHA-2 256 bit encryption which is fast becoming the expected level of protection when transferring data online. Our encryption certificates are verified by Symantec so you can rest assured that no-one is eavesdropping on your data.

High quality hardware and software

Legal Transcripts uses proven high end equipment and software to ensure stability, scalability and perfect results every time. From static setups with remote administration to portable onsite setups our hardware and software work in harmony to produce a high quality product that is reknown throughout the industry and trusted by government agencies and law enforcement agencies alike.

Let us introduce our management team

Fiona Hall
Company founder in 1989, Fiona's strong leadership style and industry knowledge has helped position Legal Transcripts at the forefront of the industry and continues to do so. Fiona is very well respected in the industry due to her commitment to providing a quality transcript in a timely manner and technological advancement in the industry together with her business acumen.
Winnie David
(Business Development & Operations Manager – NSW, ACT and QLD)
Winnie has over 20 years of extensive management experience in both corporate and legal sectors. Her expertise in these areas continues to assist the ongoing development and growth of our Sydney Office. Winnie has now been with Legal Transcripts for over 11 years.
Annette Dawood
(Business Development & Operations Manager - VIC, SA, NT, WA, TAS)
Heading up our Melbourne contingent, Annette brings years of experience of project management, training, client liaison and contract management experience to the Legal Transcripts team. Annette's wealth of knowledge has helped grow the Melbourne office exponentially. Annette has been with Legal Transcripts for 8 years.
James Pokorny
(IT Infrastructure Network & Systems Manager)
With over 12 years of experience, James has extensive experience in network and infrastructure projects. Since joining Legal Transcripts, he has driven the upgrade and support of our server, increased data bandwidth to improve our capacity to stream data across the network, overseen the rollout of new PCs across our Melbourne and Sydney, and upgraded our systems from XP to Windows 10 and sever 2008 to 2016. He has also implemented next gen firewalls. He supports all 160 staff of our staff, located both in the office and remotely.