Interview/Investigation Transcription

Interview transcriptions are not always easy, with questions being asked as they are being answered, specialist terminology and jargon to contend with and imperfect recording equipment used by outside sources, adding to the challenges. However, it is our ability to rise to these challenges and deliver accurate, complete and quick interview and investigation transcriptions that drives Legal Transcripts!

Legal Transcripts maintains expertise in all types of investigation transcriptions and transcriptions of interviews, including:

  • Police interviews of suspects and witnesses
  • Interviews between legal profession and clients
  • Interviews relating to investigations including listening devices
  • Medical or health department interviews
  • Focus groups or multiple speaker interviews and/or conferences
  • Seminars or Annual General Meetings

If your interview has sound, we can transcribe it ... accurately and quickly. Contact Legal Transcripts today to get a quote or arrange your interview transcription.

Why choose Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd for your interview transcription?

Investigation transcriptions must be accurate, dependable and delivered quickly.

Specialist experience: Our teams of interview transcriptionists and investigation transcriptionists have experience with legal, police and medical interviews in a wide variety of disciplines. We are familiar with multiple disciplines e.g. legal and medical. We also pride ourselves in ensuring our typists have resources at hand in order to research quickly. This results in accurate transcripts as our quality assurance staff are committed to ensuring all jargon is researched correctly and in a timely manner.

Security and confidentiality: With over 25 years in the industry, we comply with all the stringent security and confidentiality documentation encompassing security of data storage and delivery. This is part and parcel of our internal processes. We take security extremely seriously and are happy to comply with security requests as may be required.

Fast turnaround: Legal Transcripts offers 24-hour turnaround wherever possible as this may also depend on our availability and the length of your project. Please contact Legal Transcripts if you require this.