Video Transcription

At Legal Transcripts, video transcription is as simple as transcribing audio.

Video transcription file types

  • WMV, OGG, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, RM, SWF and VOB files, as well as almost any other video file format
  • Podcasts and webcasts
  • Streaming media
  • CDs, DVDs, BluRay
  • Analogue video, including VHS tapes

Video transcription can be more accurate

Video transcription is often more accurate due to speaker identification, especially in regards to multi-speaker events such as focus groups, teleconferences, and meetings or informal interviews.

Foreign Language Videos

We do not transcribe foreign languages. If an interpreter is present we will transcribe what is said in English. However we will transcribe any English words that may be spoken by a person who is speaking mainly in a foreign language.

Stripping audio and video

We understand that video records may contain sensitive material that you may not wish to be viewed, or you may just wish to retain a copy of the audio only. Legal Transcripts can assist with this.

Costs of video transcription

Removing video from files may incur an additional fee, however transcription of video is charged at the same rate as audio transcription. For further information, please contact us.

Video transcripts can play a role as reference material for any court case. We are experts at transcribing any video recording whether it be on tape, DVD or even online and that is why many of our clients keep coming back to us. Contact us today for a video transcription quote.